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Don’t Forget the Kids!

Posted on April 30, 2015

Outdoor playground? Check. Marine life encounters? Check. Educational hike? Triple check. Next stop – Hawaii Island! Trust us, your children will love you even more when you take them on outings such as these.

For an insider’s take, Jonelle Shimamoto, marketing and public relations manager of Atlantis Submarines, says that Atlantis Submarines’ Kona Tour is unique because it’s one of the only places that families can view a beautiful 25-acre coral reef garden, brightly colored fish and other marine life without getting wet. The undersea adventure is truly a memorable experience in witnessing nature’s undersea miracles at work!

(Photo Credit: Atlantis Submarines)

Atlantis’ crew guides the submarine on its quiet descent to depths of more than 100 feet and above and the abundant coral reef garden growing on the ancient lava flow. Fish and other marine life quickly multiply and the unpredictability of all the activity keeps families on the edge of their seats. Children big and small enjoy viewing this incredible undersea setting that showcases both how nature formed Hawaii Island and the vibrancy of the thriving marine world.

Besides quality time together, one of the things that families enjoy most is the compelling sight of two sunken shipwrecks and how nature has transformed them into artificial reefs serving a higher purpose – as safe and thriving homes to many varieties of fish and delicate marine life in the area. The tour is both fun and educational for the whole family.

(Photo Credit: Atlantis Submarines)

You may be surprised to learn that each submarine is battery-powered and emits no pollutants as it moves quietly through the water without disturbing surrounding fish or marine life. How cool is that?

 Seeking more family-friendly things to do?

-by Big Island Visitors Bureau

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