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    Water Activities: Parasailing in Hawaii

    Posted on October 20, 2009

    One day I needed to satisfy my thrill seeking inner-child and quench my thirst for the tepid waters of
    the Pacific Ocean. I knew that on this particular day a swim at the beach or popular Hawaii tradition of
    surfing would only pacify my needs. I yearned for something new, something different. I did a bit of
    research and without hesitation I booked a reservation for two to experience – parasailing!
    Taking off
    Now, I was a bit nervous because I can’t walk on the second level of the Ala Moana Shopping Center
    without my lower back tingling warning me to move away from the railing and closer to the wall. And,
    I had just agreed to pay someone to tow me approximately 500 feet above the ocean attached to a
    parachute! Regardless, I was eager and found comfort in going tandem with Lilinoe.
    Flying high

    We arrived at Kewalo Basin about an hour before our launch so that I could further calm my nerves
    with my list of questions. The associates at Hawaiian Parasail, Inc. were very accommodating, as they
    assured me that as long as I followed their directions, we’d have an exhilarating sail. And, since it was
    the thrill that we were seeking to begin with we also opted for the “wet landing” which is a descent and
    quick dip into the cool ocean waters before ascending again into the blue skies.

    Dropping into the water
    We followed the instructions exactly as they were given securing our life vests, keeping our leg straps
    above our bent knees and sat back into a strap just below our buttocks. We ascended effortlessly into
    the Hawaiian skies as the trade winds flowed gently through our hair. We could see the entire shoreline
    of Ala Moana beach, the curve of Magic Island, and the majestic and most recognizable landmark of
    Hawaii, Diamond Head.
    It was almost dream like; we were flying, soaring above our home island of Oahu and it was
    surprisingly very peaceful. Our refreshing dip into the ocean and returning ascent into the blue skies
    brought an excitement that only parasailers can experience.

    Parasailing not only satisfied my thrill seeking inner-child, but it gave me wings and permission to not
    be afraid to soar.

    About L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine

    Bred, born, and raised in Hawaii, L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine is the Founder of social media marketing company, Pono Media.  Often described as an Ambassador of Aloha, Neenz shares the traditions, values, and culture of Hawaii as the Executive Editor of Hawaii Traditions.  She began her online career with Nononina, Inc. as a writer for their citizen journalism site, Truemors and continues to serve as their Chief Evangelist of leading news aggregation site, Alltop.

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